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Automation equipment

Metal working machinery

Automation equipment

These are devices which are used for delivering metal sheets into presses and creating appropriate metal forming conditions. Our company offers a variety of auxiliary equipment such as rolling machines, straightening machines, feeders and brackets, which we can design, in concurrence with the press, into a fully automatic production line.

Rolling machines

A rolling machine is used for unwinding a tape from a roll or for winding a perforated strip during processing in a metal working production line. In most cases, they work in harmony with other machines including a straightening machine, a feeder, a press or a separator.

The rolling machine arbor has a motor drive with an automatic brake when the drive is off.

The rolling machine can be controlled manually using the machine panel controls, or automatically using the control arm, which control the overhang size of the unwinding or rewinding strip. Unwinding is possible in both directions depending on the line position. Accordingly, the control arm, the control panel and the pneumatically operated roll holder are mounted onto the rolling machine. The roll holder is available as an optional accessory on request.

A variable range of the clamping diameter of the roller machine arbor can be altered by mounting extension pieces, which are included with the machine.Clamping and centring of the roll is performed manually.

The pneumatically controlled roll holder prevents possible unwinding of the roll due to the elasticity of the wound strip. It is mounted on the base of the rolling machine and is controlled manually.

The machine is supplied with common accessories necessary for installation and setup.

Straightening machine with feeder

The straightening machine with the feeder is designed for straightening a sheet metal strip being unwound from a roll and simultaneously for its precise feeding into the press. The straightening machine with the feeder can be used as a stand-alone machine operating either on the left or on the right side of the press and it requires a strong mechanical bond of the simple construction with the eccentric press. It is intended primarily for operation in a production line with the following configuration: a rolling machine, a straightening machine with a feeder, a press, which together form an automatic production line.

The controls of the straightening machine with the feeder are designed with a separately standing control panel. The display of the control panel also displays auxiliary text messages and error messages. It has an input for connecting a sensor that controls precise feeding of the material into the press. The machine is driven by a LENZE servo motor and converter. For co-operation of machines in the automated production line, circuits are prepared for interconnecting the safety circuit of central stops.

Our straightening machines with feeders are able to advance sheet with an accuracy of up to 0.02 at 10 m. The thickness of the fed sheet can be up to 6 mm and in terms of the width we can adapt to our customers needs.


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