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Production possibilities

Welding, sandblasting and annealing of unprotected and corrosion-resistant steel with a weight up to 8,000 kg by certified welders with state exam
Sandblasting and annealing of weldments with the dimensions of up to 2000 mm x 1500 mm x 1000 mm at a temperature of up 800°C

Burning, material cutting and pressing Flame cutting: length 2,400 mm; width 1,500 mm; thickness 300 mm
Cutting with band saw with the semi-finished product diameter of up to 450 mm, and dimensions 450 x 450 mm.
Cutting capacity of up to 6.3 mm in length of 2,000 mm, cutting with an eccentric press line with the press force of up to 1,000 kN

with universal lathes, diameter of up to 500 mm, length of up to 1,800 mm
vertical lathing (on carousel lathes), diameter of up to 1,700 mm; height of up to 1,000 mm; weight 3,000 kg

horizontal milling: length 3,500 mm, width 1,900 mm, height 1,000 mm
vertical milling: length 2,000 mm; width 1,200 mm; height 800 mm
passing of teeth on milling machines (inclined or straight) D1600, working length 250 mm, module 12

cylindrical grinding: inside D250 length 250 mm and outside D630; length 2,000 mm
surface grinding: length 1,000 mm, width 300 mm, height 280 mm


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