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Repair and servicing


Our team of trained service technicians provide installation of machinery and servicing of our own products as well as other machinery. We provide reconditioning, medium repairs and overhauls of presses, automation technologies (all repairs with CE certificate) as well as the production and sale of spare parts.

An overhaul means complete disassembly of the machine, inspection and measurement of all the metal parts of the machine. Machining of main parts and other useful parts of the machine such as support frames, flywheels, slides and rods. Replacement of bearings, shafts, bushings, plates, cables, springs, etc. Installation of electrical components and the associated items - electrical wires, distributor, foot pedals, two-hand controls, electric solenoid valves, dampers, limit switches - and all pneumatic elements reduction valve, pressure relief valve, air battery, stabilizer, pressure vessel - in terms of certification. Production of additional enclosures, consoles, modification of already existing enclosures, etc. Machine surface treatment.

A medium repair of a machine consists of complete disassembly of the machine, cleaning and inspection and repair, if necessary, of metal parts (unlike with overhaul machine parts will not be replaced), also the repair of air distribution and electrical installations (no replacement) and surface treatment.

Do you need a servicing partner?
We will provide for installation of your machines, professional trainings, servicing, spare parts supply
all this with the benefit ensuing from the convenient location of our company and the expertise of our professional staff.

Our service partners get a discount on the price of spare parts usually from 10 up to 30%!

We would like to inform you that our company TOMA TRADING is represented in Russia by the company IVSTANKOPROM.


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